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There is no distance in healing. Love and Light transmit anywhere. Sessions results are the same on Zoom or in person. You can receive the gift of healing anywhere that you are, and from the comfort of your home!

Healing is for anyone... who would like a better life and is open to growth.

My clients are ages 11 to 76, in North America, Europe, India, Africa, teachers, techies, stay at home moms, career-seekers, artists, farmers, students, retired, from native, latin, african, indian, european descent, etc.  

They come to heal self esteem, depression, anxiety, health, emotional traumas, relationships or up-level to even more peace, harmony, love.

And want to empower themselves, awaken their intuition, strengthen their relationship with God, their angels & loved ones in heaven (people & pets). 

Empowered Mother • Special Needs Son

After the Meet your Spirit Guides class, I was astonished that I felt a deep connection with my guides and a new way to communicate with

my special needs son through our thoughts (telepathy). Bhavana is the real deal. She listens with more than her ears, feels deeply and holds space for you and your feelings. She's highly intuitive and a light in the world. I highly recommend her. - Senait Mesfin Piccigallo, Livermore, CA


1 hour Private Session

Personalized for you 

Also helpful for couples and families

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Group Healings & meditation 

Empowering classes: have the support of a group and individual support from me also!

    Clear Blocks, Live your Best Life!

 Connect with your Spirit Guides 

Awaken to Your Intuition,

Empower Yourself


Spirit to Spirit Communication 

Is there a special loved one in heaven you'd like to talk with? 

Your family, friend or pet may have messages for you

This can help to soothe grief and provide comfort, knowing their love and spirit is still with you

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