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Animal Communication & Healing

Pets benefit from healing as much as humans do.  Transmission of love and light to them can assist in increasing their health and tranquility. 

What is animal communication? 

A telepathic, loving dialogue between me and your pet(s). Animals understand and relay their feelings and images to us and understand ours. Through telepathy and intuition, I can get an insight into their behavior, what their needs are and anything else they’d like to say. This can help with better behavior, preparing a new pet or rescue for their new home with you, healing trauma. It can also help you make decisions regarding your pet’s health. 


Animals have guardian angels just like humans. A session may include a message from their guides. 


Communication can occur with pets that are living and also pets that have passed away. This can be helpful to soothe grief. A conversation with your pet in spirit can, for example, can help you understand how their transition was and complete anything that was unfinished. 

Animal Healing & Communication is also for pets who are doing well, for more peace, relaxation and joy, and just to know what they're saying!  

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“I had the privilege to have an animal communication session with Bhavana. It was a wonderful experience. She communicated with my beloved cat who had recently crossed over. The messages shared with me made me very emotional. After the session, I felt my heart at ease and much less grief. I'm so happy I chose Bhavana and will gladly recommend her to anyone looking for animal communication!”

- Nosh K., Texas

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