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Awakened People Share...

Freedom from Fear, Enjoying Life, Relaxed


The healing support group during Covid helped me so much while I was stuck at home. Being an outgoing person, the isolation was depressing. The healing group truly helped me to let go of fear and relax. I decided to enjoy my life as it was. Thanks Bhavana! 

- Gerald Rubin, Durham, North Carolina 

New Love


Shortly after a group with Bhavana, I manifested my ideal romantic partner. He’s holds the energy of who she described for me in the group reading, and I did the work of opening my heart to allow him to enter my life. It was a wonderful and supportive experience and I continue to appreciate all of her intuitive insights. 

- Becky, Seattle, WA 

A Couple with a New Perspective & Harmony

Image by Bernie Almanzar

“Bhavana is truly a special gift and blessing. She helped my wife and I through a difficult situation; and she helped us both put things into perspective. She is great at working with couples. I would strongly recommend her to anyone. I have even recommended her to friends. We have all benefitted.”

- Jennifer & Neil D’Lima, Rochester, NY

Empowered Mother • Special Needs Son





felt a deep connection with my guides and a new way to communicate with my special needs son through our thoughts (telepathy). Bhavana is the real deal. She listens with more than her ears, she feels deeply and holds space for you and your feelings. She is highly intuitive and a light in the world. I highly recommend her to anyone who would like clarity, healing and guidance. 

- Senait Mesfin Piccigallo, Livermore, CA

 I went into Bhavana's class with no expectations and curiosity. I was astonished after the class, I

I feel like a new person...

Image by Gian Cescon

“Bhavana was such a blessing to work with. I have seen my life transform in less than a week. She was very kind and caring. I feel like a new person because of our sessions.”

- Sheli Kelly, Jamestown, ND, USA

A Flourishing Life!


“Each healing has been a profound experience of unconditional love, deep wisdom and clarity. I discovered Bhavana and her truly unique, beautiful healing modalities at a time in my life when I desperately needed guidance and direction.

She helped me remember and gain access to my inner light and magic, and to ground these newly rediscovered gifts into the earthly realm. She also provided me with practical tools to bring my spiritual experiences and insights into everyday life, and showed me how to live with absolute trust and alignment with spirit. My life has begun to flourish in more ways than I could imagine. Thank you for sharing your beautiful healing gifts with me, Bhavana! I will be forever grateful.”

- Rachel Fugate, Kauai, Hawaii 

Noticeable Uplifting Effects after Just One Class


 I was in a group healing class for India with Bhavana. I was skeptical at first. To my surprise, that one healing group changed my entire outlook toward life. It helped me see the positive aspects & I noticed the uplifting effects in both my personal and professional life. I will always be grateful to Bhavana for her teachings and kindness. 

- Parmita, India 

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