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Experience My Healing Indian Cuisine with Local Island Ingredients

Experience My Healing Indian Cuisine with Local Island Ingredients

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Healing Indian Cuisine

Bhavana's Healing Indian Cuisine
Bhavana's Healing Indian Cuisine on Kauai, Hawaii
beet dip
Bhavana's daal
Kauai farm veggies, Bhavana's Healing Indian Cuisine

I blend fragrant Indian spices with local island ingredients and create tasty, nutritious, meals infused with love and healing energy. 


Stay tuned for my upcoming cookbook: a celebration of life, love & food, unique Kauai-Indian cuisine & my mama’s family recipes. Uplift yourself with the beauty of the island & the vibrance of my Indian culture!


Cooking classes: Invite me to your home for a cooking lunch or dinner party for up to 8 people. A fun and enriching experience for couples, families and friends. 


Catering: small group catering for up to 12 people. 


❤ Cook & Eat with Love  

Menu: simple, fresh, flavorful ~ vegan, vegetarian and meat options for all. 


Ingredients hand-selected by me - organic, local, gluten-free whenever possible & seasonal

(menu subject to change), spices sourced from India 


Fried Papadum (lentil wafers), dipping sauces: 


   Classic coriander~mint chutney 

   Island dragon: carrot~papaya~mango pickle 

   Purple moon: beet~tamarind~apple


Farm fresh salad with edible flowers, dressings: 

   - ginger ~ mango pickle ~ papaya 

   - tamarind ~ coriander ~ tamari (soy sauce) 


   Bhavana’s daal: traditional yellow mung beans with Indian spices, farm veggies, comforting~nutritious 

   Punjabi chick peas: North Indian, with garam masala, amchur (dried mango powder), warming~hearty 

   Curries: Bhavana's blend - coriander, cumin, turmeric, clove, black cardamom, ginger, garlic, onion

                 slow simmered~flavorful

        Local farm veggiesseasonal ~ carrot, daikon, pumpkin, cabbage, greens, peppers

        Chicken, lamb or beeforganic, grass-fed  




   Aromatic riceclove, cardamom, saffron  

   Sautéed farm veggies: local ginger, turmeric, curry leaves 


   Halwa: a sweet semolina porridge with jaggery (raw sugar nuggets) & cardamom (saffron, nuts optional).

                Blessed & traditionally served after prayer. Taste the sweet nectar of God.



   Lime-ade with rose water


   Hibiscus-chai iced tea: cardamom, clove, cinnamon, anise, fennel, local Kauai honey + fresh squeezed orange 

   Warm chai: chai spices slow-brewed with grass-fed cream + local Kauai honey (black tea, herbal, vegan option)


“Bhavana's cooking classes are homey and delicious. Beginners won't feel intimidated. I loved learning more about Indian spices, where to source and get more comfortable using them. It's more like a friend and family gathering. She's a lovely host and teacher.” - Wilkie, Kauai, Hawaii

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