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Many years ago at a budding age, the wind blew me from India to America to blossom into the intuitive and healer that I am.  The petals of my spirit carry within them the ancient secrets of my Indian heritage.  It is an honor to transfer this spiritual aroma to you.  With my loving presence, intuition, energy healing and powerful team of Angelic helpers, I assist to empower people to release what's standing in the way so that they can elevate themselves to have success, health, career, loving relationships, self-esteem and prosperity.  Clients report instant healing of years of emotional and physical pain and health issues.  I am also a medical intuitive, medium, channel and animal communicator.

Loving energy...

Heart to heart communication and healing are infinite, there is no distance. Sessions are personalized and can occur in person at my office  in beautiful Kauai (a Hawaii Island), or a retreat center here, over the phone or video call within the USA & internationally.
Intuitive Healing:
I assist to empower children, adults, couples, families and groups to grow and elevate themselves. From healing or alleviating a health issue, making a plan to acquire a promotion at work or new career, getting engaged, to an attunement of feeling peaceful and harmonious, a healing session from me and my team of Angel helpers can have quick and profound results and open new doors of opportunities.  
Wellness Coaching:
For corporations, nonprofits and organizations.  Would you like to avoid sick days and increase workforce morale and productivity? Invite me into your workplace for an informative and dynamic talk or workshop for your employees and managers, individual and group sessions, and also a longer placement to do all of the above.  I can teach breathing and guided meditation to reduce stress, energize and focus the mind, offer holistic nutrition and physical exercise suggestions and practical techniques to keep staff healthy - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I can also coach managers to become empowering leaders, coach staff to carry out the company’s vision, and teach heart to heart communication to all employees - it is direct and effective for quick problem solving and achieving goals.   
Animal Communication & Healing:
Are you wondering what your pet is “saying” with glances into your eyes and behavior? From rescue animals to physically ill animals, or simply out of curiosity, an animal communication session flows as a dialogue between the person and pet, with me as the facilitator.  Also, if beneficial, I transmit loving energy from me to the pet or whole family, depending on the situation.  Clients report pets feeling much calmer, health conditions improving, and animals often say how grateful they are that I understood them.  Being able to express themselves is what they are most thankful for and relieved about.  After a session, people report a sense of ease in making decisions about their pet’s health, and the changes that I am guided to suggest can result in overall functioning and peace in the family’s home.

“Bhavana was such a blessing to work with. I have seen my life transform in less

than a week. She was very kind and caring. I feel like a new person because of

our sessions.”

- Sheli Kelly, Jamestown, ND, USA

“Bhavana is truly a special gift and blessing. She helped my wife and I through a difficult situation; and she helped us both put things into perspective. She is great at working with couples.  I would strongly recommend her to anyone.  I have even recommended her to friends.  All of us have nothing but high praises for her.”

- Jennifer & Neil D’Lima, Rochester, NY, USA

“Thank you for our session. Today while it was raining at the valley bottom, I ran uphill. A beam of light hit my face and stayed with me until the end of the road. It was like the bright road of my future you described in our session for me to visualize and actualize. I felt my Angels were running with me even though I was alone. To much surprise, I let go of all the grief and had a huge smile on my face.  I almost cried tears of joy and thought this is my time to shine! Thank you for sending your good vibes.  Love & Light to you Bhavana .”

- Karen, British Columbia, Canada

Phone: (808) 855-0288

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